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Millennials Choosing Grapes Over Hops

It’s been an article of faith – or at least marketing – that Millennials were born not only with a smartphone in their hands but a bottle of craft beer in their mouths. Studies have indicated that almost two-thirds of weekly craft beer drinkers are members of the Millennial generation, typically defined as Americans born between 1980 and 2000. Then,…

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Honey, I Froze the Wine!

We’ve all been there – had the bright idea of popping a bottle of white into the freezer just before guests arrive and forgetting about it… You suddenly remember it’s there and dash to the freezer to find not a ship in a bottle, but an iceberg. What’s worse is that some may have leaked out of the screw cap…

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Know Your Sake!

If you’ve ever looked at a sake list, you’ll probably have had no real idea about what it all meant. Some lists have dozens on, with fanciful names and maybe the region they’re from, which leaves you none the wiser. However, with even a slight grasp of the vocabulary, you can soon find your way round that list and even…

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What a Healthy Vineyard Looks Like

A healthy vineyard isn’t a uniform thing – they all look different. Zinfandel vines are stocky and almost tree-like, while Riesling vines are more slender and wispy looking. The ground doesn’t always look the same either, and nor do the leaves; it doesn’t have to look good, either. That doesn’t mean it takes a doctor or scientist to tell if…

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Bubbles Aren’t Just for Special Occasions

The time was that Champagne or any other sort of sparkling wine was brought out only for special occasions – weddings, christenings, graduations and so on. Many people see bubbles so rarely that they’d never consider “wasting” them on an everyday occasion – after all, the fizz would become ordinary and everyday as well. However, there’s another school of thought…

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Sulfites Are Off the Hook!

OK, it’s about time we were honest about sulfites. They’re not some chemical ogre or poison, they’re a perfectly natural by-product of fermentation. When yeast and sugar get together to make carbon dioxide and alcohol, they also make small amounts of sulfur dioxide, so there’s some in every wine on the planet. It’s true that the sulfites that people get…

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