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Beverage Bottles

Beverage Bottles

Facing unique challenges, customers in the food industry must consider various factors from safety to shelf life, ease of use, distribution costs, and marketing. To help our food industry customers cut lead times and remain competitive, we have developed a host of preformed plastic bottle solutions that expedite production while keeping costs under control. Plastic bottles are, by definition, the container for holding liquids, not only for their airtightness but also for other characteristics.

A beverage bottle is considered to be any container capable of holding liquids and having a narrower mouth than the rest of the container body. It generally uses a screw cap or a cork to transport the fluids without spilling on the way. Plastic bottles are very popular with our customers due to this material's low cost and high customizability.

Our bottles can be ordered in various sizes and colors to meet any need your business may have. We offer a wide variety of materials, shapes, and capacities for custom bottles for businesses; our team of packaging experts will ensure that the bottle selected will meet your specifications, shapes, and functions. We have extensive knowledge of plastic resin performance, dimensions, and tolerances and can design special features to enhance your brand over others.

These are the types of plastic soda or juice bottles we offer:

Square Juice Bottle

This design is one of the most popular today in businesses specializing in selling smoothies and ice coffees. These bottles come with screw-on lids to keep the liquid fresh and safe. As for the capacity they can hold, it will depend on the needs of your business and the order you place with us, but generally, 12 ounces is the standard size for this type of bottle.

Shot Bottle

For small beverages, shot bottles are the best option. Generally, customers looking for this type of bottle have products consumed in small quantities (4 ounces is the most sought-after size), such as juices or drinks with supplements.

Bullet Juice Bottle

These bottles are similar in capacity and size to the Square Juice Bottle, but the finishes are curved this time. This type of bottle is perfect for giving a stylish look to the beverages you market.

Round Bottle

Our round bottles have a conventional design that makes them perfect for beverages aimed at audiences who are a little more conservative in the packaging they prefer for their beverages.

Multi-Serve Bottle

This bottle is for storing larger quantities of liquid than the previous ones. These bottles are generally designed to hold about 52 ounces of liquid and are perfect for juices and non-carbonated beverages. All with PET plastic The use of PET plastic containers guarantees safety and optimum preservation of the product it contains as it is a very innocuous material. Its manufacture is economical as it is carried out on fully automatic lines and in long series and minimizes environmental impact as it is largely made from recycled materials and is completely recyclable. Contact us to discuss the best packaging solutions for your business through our website

Beverage Bottles

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Beverage Bottles

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