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"Wine is embedded deep in our family's DNA."

Born in 1859 in Cosenza, Italy, a young Beniamino Cribari learned the art of winemaking using grapes grown in his family’s fruit orchards.

In 1902, after immigrating to the United States, Beniamino and his family settled in San Jose, California. He planted vineyards on 40 acres of land in an area known as “Paradise Valley.” The fertile land and sunshine created the ideal conditions for growing wine grapes, and Beniamino returned to his winemaking roots, making wine for family and friends.

Beniamino’s wine was so well received that sons Fiore and Angelo bought a motorcycle and crisscrossed the state, making sales calls and buying more grapes to expand the family business.

Business was so good that they expanded even more, growing into new vineyards and a winery in what is now Morgan Hill, Calif.

Then came Prohibition.

Unlike most vintners, our family business thrived during Prohibition by producing wines for sacramental, medicinal, culinary, and other specialized and legal purposes.

From the 1930's to today..

Before the end of the 1930s, the company had acquired 1,200 acres of vineyards with a winery in the Santa Clara Valley, California, and wineries in Fresno, California, and New York City.

From 1947 to 1965, several brands of Cribari wine were introduced by the next generation of the Cribari family. Our brand, “Famiglia Cribari,” spearheaded by Fiore’s son, Theodore Cribari, grew to more than two million cases annually.

In 1966, Theodore and his partners sold the Cribari table wine brands and started Cribari Vineyards, producing mainly altar and bulk wines. Three years later, they sold the Santa Clara Valley property to a developer; now the area known as Silicon Valley grows not crops but technology companies.

In 1975, Theodore’s son, John Cribari, joined the company, expanded into wholesale distribution, built new brands, and expanded our bulk wine business. Now, John’s son, Benjamin Cribari, has taken up the mantle of the family business as Vice President and continues to grow our legacy.

We invite you to use our many years of experience to help you enhance your products with our wines.

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