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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What bulk wine packaging sizes are available?

A. Bulk wine can be transported in a variety of packaging options. These include 57 gallon drums, 260 gallon totes, tank truck formats ranging from 1500 gallons to 6000 gallons, and Flexi-Tanks (24000 L) for export.

Q. What is your lead time to have my order available?

A. Our lead time is 10 business days from the time the PO is placed.

Q. What is your minimum order?

A. Our minimum order depends on product type, pack size and program needs. Please contact us.

Q. How many drums fit on a single pallet?

A. There are four drums to one pallet.

Q. Who can buy bulk wine?

A. We transfer wine In-Bond from winery to winery. We also ship to food manufacturers, tax paid or Non-Beverage throughout the United States depending on State laws.

Q. What is the shelf life on an unopened 57 gallon drum?

A. We guarantee our product free from defects for up to 8 months. (Wine must be stored in temperature controlled environment from 52 degrees F. to 72 degrees F.)

Q. How many pounds per gallon of Wine?

A. There are approximately 8.4lbs per gallon. Lot to lot variations in wine makes measuring by weight problematic; we sell wine by the gallon as it is a more accurate measurement.

Q. Do you sell wine stored in oak barrels?

A. Due to the volume of wine sold we only sell wine that has been stored in stainless steel tanks.

Q. What are Salted Bulk Wines?

A. Salted wines are the same quality wines with salt added. This transforms the product into Non-Beverage wines therefore is not subject to State and Federal Excise taxes or licensing issues. These wines are primarily used by food Manufacturers as an ingredient.

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