Wines, just like people, have personalities and some wines are simply made for certain types of characters. What exactly does your favourite choice of wine say about you and your personality? Let’s find out.


This is possibly the wine of choice for people who don’t really like wine that much, but who love to share! Chardonnay drinkers are real party animals who also like to work hard and have a wide group of friends. These wines are very easy to drink, so no-one will ever feel left out.

Sauvignon Blanc

This wine is the next step up the career ladder for Chardonnay drinkers! They’ve grown up a bit, have a bit more responsibility and like to spend time after work quaffing this with their middle-management mates. They can still cut loose now and again, though!

Pinot Noir

A proper grown-up wine for brave, confident types who don’t mince their words. They also like to travel and try new things, but have a conservative, conventional streak in them that lets them know what’s what.

Pinot Grigio

This is a wine for people who are often unsure about themselves and the world around them – not in an insecure, shy way, though. They tend to want to debate issues and also, sometimes, to plump for a Pinot Noir, just to see what it’s like on the other side.

Cabernet Sauvingnon

These drinkers tend to be comfortable, secure, middle class arty types who know a good thing when they see (or drink) it. They’re friendly but ever-so-slightly distant, and this makes them fit in anywhere. Watch out for a hint of pretension now and again though.


Habitual Champagne drinkers love to party and really appreciate the good things in life, and sharing them, too. Ignoring the money aspect, bubbly fans are generous in spirit, too.


Rosé drinkers are Pinot Grigio drinkers who have found the ideal compromise. Or have they? Sometimes they’re not sure – what do you think?