No matter what your budget, you probably know much fun and satisfaction you can get from choosing and buying in a good selection of wine. Whether you opt for rare vintages or whether you like to visit a bulk winery so you can keep your guests topped up at your summer barbecues, there’s something incredibly comforting about stocking up with your favorites.

You might have been thinking for a while of starting off your own wine cellar; after all, the garage is no place to store your bottles, is it? If you’re about to embark on this journey, read on to glean some tips from the experts.

Work out your budget

You may have a smaller budget, or money may be no object, but you have to pin down roughly what your annual spend will be, as well as how much time you’ll spend researching and visiting wineries and tasting sessions.

You might already have a handy closet that will comfortably fit a few racks, so this means you can spend a bit more on something to fill it in that first year. On the other hand, you may have to build or install a well-insulated cupboard or even a specialised wine fridge. It’s entirely up to you, but those figures are all-important.

Select your wines

You’d be mistaken if you thought that a wine cellar is only for the finest wines known to man. Of course, some people will want that, but then how often do they crack one open? Most of us have mid-range tastes and budgets and these wines deserve good treatment too.

You should concentrate on the wines you enjoy the most – whether that’s Malbecs, Merlots or Cavas. There literally is no right or wrong here.

Having said that, you shouldn’t just collect your faves – you should branch out a bit so that you can cater for your cousin who visits once a year and only drinks whites. You should also get in some wines that are classic pairings for cheese, meat and fish dishes so you can enjoy your dinner parties more.

Ask yourself why you’re doing it

There are many different reasons to have your own wine cellar – you might have a particular favorite that you like to enjoy every day or so, or you might throw regular dinner parties. On the other hand, you might see some vintages as an investment.

Your reasons for starting your wine cellar will determine how much you spend – both on the cellar and the wines themselves. Casual collectors will probably open and enjoy their collection, while investors will need to control temperature, light and humidity to make sure the vintage makes it through the years intact.


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