Yes, January is here, and will be for the next three weeks or so. Chances are you’re nursing a financial hangover, even if the physical one has receded, as well as carrying a few extra pounds around.

You’re not alone, which is why the Dry January phenomenon has caught on so well across the world. People join together, in person or online, to encourage and commiserate with each other as they face the challenges of paying off credit card bills and going without alcohol for an entire month.

You don’t have to go all out

If you’re a serious wine buff, or at least an enthusiast, this doesn’t mean that you have to cut it out completely. You don’t have to forgo your regular wine order and just buy cooking wines for your hearty winter stews instead. You can compromise.

Don’t go dry, go damp

This is the perfect halfway house for wine lovers. Have a look at the alcohol content in your usual choice and see if you can find a similar one with a lower percentage. Or, think of ways to dilute a favourite (not the favourite, you’re not a savage…). You could turn to spritzers for the month, or make sangria with extra OJ and no brandy. There’s always a way.

You might enjoy a regular Irish coffee or a couple of whisky shots when you visit the in-laws and tell yourself it doesn’t count; well it does! Think of those sneaky units and eliminate just those ones, leaving the wine well alone.

Set a price challenge

It’s not just about the health benefits when it comes to Dry January, there’s also the financial aspect of it. There’s two ways to approach this – you could tell yourself that instead of two bottles of $15.00 wine, you’ll enjoy one really good $25.00 bottle instead. You’ve just saved $10.00 and reduced your intake.

Alternatively, you could go to the other extreme and set a low price limit – you don’t go over $7.00. If you can’t find a decent plonk for less, you go without.

Go on, go damp!

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