So you’re in your local wine shop, trying to decide what to buy. . . Red, white or rosé?

How about blue?

At least that’s what GIK winery is hoping. Yes, in the interest of attracting the segment of the all-important Millennials who believe that three colors of wine just aren’t enough, the Spanish producer is expected to introduce its sweetened, neon-blue wine to U.S. consumers sometime before the holidays.The stuff is already available in Europe, where three bottles cost around €36. (You can pre-order a three-bottle package here for $48 on the winery’s U.S. website:

What’s the wine made of and how does it get to be blue? Well, it’s a blend of a rotating cast of red and white varietals, from Syrah to Macabeo, dyed electric blue with pigments of red wine grape skins and an organic compound called indigotine, typically used as a food dye. It’s plenty sweet too, though with a relatively low 11.5 percent alcohol content.

What does GIK Blue taste like? Damned if I want to know. But according to a brave taster named Ashley quoted in Cosmopolitan magazine, “It really tastes like a blue raspberry Jolly Rancher. I can’t imagine drinking a whole glass of this without my teeth falling out.”

Honestly, it gives me the blues just thinking about it.