Everyone knows that buying the right deodorant-furniture polish-canned dog food makes you bigger, stronger, hotter, better-looking and attracts the opposite sex like politicians to a lobbyist passing out thousand-dollar bills.

Now you can add wine to that list too.

Sort of, anyway. At least according to a study done by Bristol University’s School of Experimental Psychology and entitled “Increased Facial Awareness Following Moderate but not High Alcohol Consumption” (long-winded, those Brits). In the study, volunteers were shown more than 100 photographs of subjects who had consumed a single glass of wine, more than one glass and no wine at all. The single-glass drinkers were rated as more attractive than those were either stone-cold sober or had downed more than one glass.

That conclusion, a University press release states, was “presumably driven by changes in appearance.  The researchers suggest that vasodilation associated with alcohol consumption could lead to an increase in facial flushing, which is perceived as healthy and attractive.  Low doses of alcohol may also result in an increase in positive mood that is apparent in subtle smiles and more muscle relaxation.”

Hey, we always knew a glass (or two or three) of wine is a great way to chill out. Now go out and buy the right deodorant-furniture polish-canned dog food and you’ll be damn near irresistible.