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A California Bulk Wine Company

As anyone who has done any traveling over the past dozen or so years already knows, flying on domestic airlines ranks somewhere between catching  dengue fever and being beaten with a two-by-four on the scale of pleasurable activities.

A glass (or two or three) of wine can help sooth jangled nerves and relieve the frustration of endless lines, crowded airports and airplane cabins apparently designed by the Marquise de Sade for maximum passenger (airline-speak for “cattle”) discomfort.

But even as you appreciate the calming effects of fermented grape juice, the suspicion sneaks in that the wine you’re drinking really doesn’t taste very good, or at least not nearly as good as it tastes on the ground.

That suspicion, by the way, is right. But, honest, it’s not the airlines’ fault. According to British researchers, being crammed into an aluminum tube hurtling through the air at 35,000 feet does things to you, things that can make that otherwise perfectly acceptable glass of California Chardonnay taste like Chateau Sweatpants.

The chief culprit, researchers say, is the low humidity on airplanes, which dries out your mouth and nose and throws your taste buds off kilter. Low humidity also blunts your sense of smell, which contributes mightily to your perception of a wine’s flavor. Flying through time zones and the general stress of travel can upset the body’s pH levels; the noise and vibration of air travel only adds to your discomfort.

What can a stressed-out, wine-loving passenger do?

Wear noise-canceling headphones, for one. Or listen to the right kind of music. Studies have shown that music with lots of high notes can heighten taste perception of sweetness, while music with lots of low notes can increase the perception of bitterness. Anything you can do to relieve pre-flight stress can help too.

Then there’s the wines themselves. Best are ripe, fruity reds with soft tannins and low acidity. Not so good are tart, mineral-y, grapefruity whites, which can come off as too assertive for flight-damaged palates. Or you could just stay home and pop a bottle of your favorite Cabernet.



Cribari Vineyards offers high-quality California appellation bulk wines for a variety of outsourcing applications. Our wines may be used for bottling, blending or as an ingredient to your particular formula. Our vast holdings of a wide range of varietals make us a leader in the industry and ensure your needs will be met. Some of our most popular wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, White Zinfandel, Burgundy, Chablis, Sherry, Marsala and Port.



Cribari Vineyards is a full-service, vertically integrated company that offers its high-quality California appellation bulk wines with expert assistance in all aspects of your company’s purchase and program, from blending and bottling to label design and shipping in a variety of formats. We can arrange door-to-door delivery anywhere in the world, and can service orders ranging from a minimum of 684 gallons to annual commitments of more than 750,000 gallons.



Our Number One priority is YOU. Our dedicated, knowledgeable, and friendly staff is ready to respond to your every need and assist you through every phase of your bulk wine program. Five generations of the Cribari family have been committed to providing our customers with excellent service, a commitment that remains as strong today as when our family began in the wine industry over 100 years ago.

Family History

Family History

Our family has been making and selling wine in California since 1904. Over the past six decades the California wine industry has grown exponentially, and so too has Cribari Vineyards. Each of the four succeeding generations of the Cribari family has added to what Beniamino first created, while staying true to the values of quality, integrity and service that were his guiding principles.