The time was that Champagne or any other sort of sparkling wine was brought out only for special occasions – weddings, christenings, graduations and so on. Many people see bubbles so rarely that they’d never consider “wasting” them on an everyday occasion – after all, the fizz would become ordinary and everyday as well.

However, there’s another school of thought that says Champagne and its cousins should be brought out as often as possible because it’s amazing. There’s no need to reserve it for or restrict it to special events because this means that people could be missing out on something that’s special in and of itself.

You need to celebrate the small things

It’s not just about the 21st birthdays, or the 21st wedding anniversaries. It’s about the end-of-term picnic, the wrapping up of a project, the start of a new series of Game of Thrones, the weekend, a new friendship… These are all simple pleasures that deserve to be made a bit more special.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on fizz

Of course, decent Champagne is a bit out of reach for regular folks to drink a couple of times a week, but decent Prosecco and Cava certainly aren’t, with some starting at $10.00. OK, they don’t quite have the cachet of Champagne, but you don’t have to splash out the cash-et (yes, we are ashamed of ourselves…) to bring a bit of luxury into your Friday night routine. There are some folk who say they prefer a good Prosecco to a mid-range Champagne anyway, so go figure.

Bubbles are fun

Forget guided meditation and yoga, just pour a glass of fizz and feel your spirits soar with those bubbles! It’s calming and uplifting at the same time – what could be better?

It brings a bit of glamour to everything

If you bring the bubbly to the proceedings, it gives everything a bit of swish. That Friday night takeaway or delivery becomes a real treat with some chilled glasses tinkling away in the background; those pre-flight drinks could have you feeling like you’re first class and a run-of-the-mill playdate becomes impossibly glam and witty.

There’s always time for Champagne

Did your gran ever tell you that you’re a long time dead? What she really meant was that life is short and so you should grab what happiness you can whenever you can because it’s all over too soon. What’s better than a glass of Champagne with your nearest and dearest? Or Prosecco, or a mid-range Cava?