Buying wine in bulk will save you a lot of money, that’s for sure. It’ll also mean you have a good supply of decent wine readily available for you and your friends or clients. It’s not just the preserve of budget-buyers, though; many serious wine buffs will also bulk-buy if they find a wine that they’re particularly taken with.

Here’s a few tips for bulk-buying your wine supplies…

Plan it out to the last glass

If you know that you and your significant other like a largish glass each a night, then one regular-sized bottle is going to last two nights with a slosh left over for a sauce. You don’t drink at all during January and switch to fizz throughout December… This will help you to calculate how many bottles you should aim for.

Find a bulk winery

Not all vineyards and wineries will let you place a bulk order, but most will. You may not be able to get a discount on bulk purchases everywhere, though, which defeats the object somewhat, so do ask around. You should choose somewhere that will offer discounts on cases and work up from there.

Place your order

Cases are almost always 12 bottles, so working on the assumption that a regular-sized bottle will provide five or six glasses and you need 100 glasses for a function, you’ll need to order two cases (just to be on the safe side).

Store your bottles carefully

Make sure you store your wine carefully, away from temperature extremes and light, and re-order when you start to run low on supplies. Wait until you only have a few bottles left so you have enough room for the new batch.

If you’re a professional

If you’re an event-planner or professional host, then you should always buy in bulk as you can pass your savings onto your clients. It also means you’ve got plenty of varieties to offer your clients as tasters.


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