Spritzers have been around forever, but for a long time they’ve been associated with mumsy-mums and aged-aunts. However, they’re cool once more, especially if you also add in raspberry coulis or mint leaves or whatever extra touch is in vogue.

The great thing about spritzers is that they’re alcoholic and refreshing. They’re perfect for summer weddings, baby showers or all-day sessions as you are taking in water as well as alcohol, enabling you to stay (relatively) sober and dignified.

How you do it

Use a wine you actually like – don’t think that a spritzer is a good way to get rid of less-than-ideal wine. If the wine isn’t great to begin with then tarting it up with a dash of club soda and peach puree isn’t going to do it any favours. A good wine is only the start, though; you should aim for one with mild tannins, a fruity flavour and strong enough aromatics to hold their own against the other ingredients. Pinot noir, Grenache, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc are ideal.

If you have to make a load of spritzers, buy a boxed wine, as this means it’s cheaper and you can top up any glasses that have too much soda.

Don’t buy pre-prepared mixes

Very often, pre-mixed spritzers have sugar and all sorts of other compounds added to – ahem – enhance the taste. They also have an equally “tasty” price tag added, which really isn’t justified by the watery, artificial concoction inside the bottle.

Follow the right formula

Speaking of watery, it’s easy to add too much soda, lemonade or fruit juice to your own mixes. You need to find the right combination of the wine, the fizz and the other ingredients. No one flavour should dominate.

You need some kind of measuring cup and use it for all the ingredient. You add the wine to the glass first, then the fruit juice, the puree or the liqueur. Many recipes will suggest half and half mixtures, but you can push this to two-thirds wine and one-third “other” if you can get away with it.

Don’t do diet

Seriously why bother? You’re only adding a small amount of lemonade anyway, so make it work for you, not against you by bringing aspartame to the party. Artificial sweeteners will overwhelm the taste and leave a lingering taste of their own (and not in a good way).