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Spanish Winery Has the Blues. . . Literally

So you’re in your local wine shop, trying to decide what to buy. . . Red, white or rosé? How about blue? At least that’s what GIK winery is hoping. Yes, in the interest of attracting the segment of the all-important Millennials who believe that three colors of wine just aren’t enough, the Spanish producer is expected to introduce its…

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Too-Hearty Party Costs Winery Its License

Cork dorks since the time of Bacchus have rhapsodized over the lush sensuality of wine, but a winery in upstate New York has learned that too many lushes and too much sensuality can cost a winemaker his or her business. Vineyard 48 in Long Island had its license suspended by the New York State Liquor Authority last month after years…

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Wine Thieves Target Burgundy Grapes, Vines

Given the worldwide cachet and stratospheric prices of great Burgundy, it’s no surprise that light-fingered cork dorks might try to pinch a few bottles from their local wine shop. But six tons (!) of grapes? And 500 vines, ripped right out of the ground in the dead of night? Ouch! That’s what’s happening in the regions of Pomerol and St….

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Wine and Your Waistline: The Flabby Facts

It is that time of year again. No, not “Christmas” decorations that went up before Thanksgiving and will stay up until the last drop of rampant consumerism has been squeezed from the gift-buying turnip or gratingly insipid carols sung in keys hitherto unknown to the human ear, but the time to watch over how much we eat and drink so…

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Merlot Finally Moves Up From “Sideways”

“I am not drinking any Merlot!” Those words, spoken by the main character in the 2004 hit film “Sideways,” were to the user-friendly, then wildly popular varietal what “salmonella outbreak” would be to your local fine dining restaurant. No one anticipated the effect of that outburst by Pinot Noir-loving, Merlot-hating Miles (played by Paul Giamatti, who didn’t know jack about…

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Skip the Flu Shot, Drink Wine

It’s getting to be that time of year again, time for fever, chills, headaches, stomach upset, and general feeling like crap, aka, the flu. You could get a flu shot, load up on Vitamin C or encase yourself in bubble wrap, hide under your bed and not come out until springtime. Or, according to researchers at the Washington University School…

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