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How to Make Cheap Wine Taste Better

We all love wine, right? Sadly, though, we don’t all have the same budget and we can’t always afford the best – or even the mid-range – so it’s a case of making do with half-decent or even slightly dodgy. This doesn’t have to be a disaster, though, as even the cheaper wines can be improved before you drink it…

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The Science Behind Tastes and Aromas

One of the funnest (ahem) things about wine is being able to say you can taste burnt rubber, mushrooms and nail varnish in them. No, really. We all start off spotting tastes like jam, blackberries and almonds and end up talking about leather, wet dog and old wood. The fruit flavors are easy to explain – after all, wine is…

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Pairing Wine with Cheese

At some point on your road to maturity, you’ll have to hold a wine and cheese evening. It’s not an intuitive thing and getting the pairings right can fill you with anxiety. It’s a good job, then, that there are six easy rules to follow to get it just right. Match the intensity of the cheese and wine This is…

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Key Moments in US Wine History

The first wine Wine has been a part of American life since the 16th century when the first European explorers landed. The chances are that the first wine to reach American shores was Sherry, brought along from Spain with Pedro Menéndez de Avilés when he landed in what we now know as Florida in September 1565. Acte 12 – plant…

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When Good Grapes Go Red

Probably the most important event in the calendar of a grapevine is the point at which the grapes start to turn from green to red and begin to ripen and sweeten. This process is known, in French, as veraison. Veraison happens in white grapes as well, but instead of turning red, they tend to become more translucent instead. This process…

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Which Red Wines Are Good for You?

It was great news for wine fans when we found out that their favourite drink has some beneficial compounds in. Even committed white drinkers were persuaded to try reds as there are more health benefits to be had there. Not all reds are the same, though, with some having more of the good stuff than others. Of course, all the…

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